Q&A section

-Q: Can't I just simply turn off my anti-virus and everything will work.
-A: No, in 90% of cases this does not affect anything. The CSC auto
updates every time a update is done, and this will happen again
as soon as software does an update.

-Q: Why isn't Cobra on the Approved List for anti-virus companies?
-A: The CSC has been submitted for approval to the major anti-virus companies, but there
is a waiting list. Also think about how many anti-virus companies there are, and the
number or programs on this waiting list.

-Q: Is the software safe since anti-virus thinks it is a virus.
-A: Yes, the anti-virus is doing what's known in the software industry as a "False Positive".

-Q: After I get it installed should I remove the exceptions?
-A: You can but the CSC does regular updates and you will have to re-add them when this
happens again or features within the CSC don't function. The CSC has cloud features
that require a connection to our servers. Better to just leave them in place.

-Q: I'm trying this from work and its still not working.
-A: The company you work for has put a block on their network. Unless you can
convince the IT dept. to allow the CSC thru their routers you will not be able to
use the CSC while at work.

-Q: Is there someone else to contact in case Scott Smith is busy.
-A: Yes. You can contact Bennie by email here .